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September 12, 2018

bautec 2020 – A fresh impetus for the advisory board

Following the successful conclusion of bautec 2018, preparations are now in progress for the next of these events, which will take place from 18 to 21 February on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds. Discussions about all the core topics of innovation, training and efficiency, encompassing all the construction trades, will be of central importance at this event. To ensure that the subject matter at bautec remains up to date, this trade fair is supported by an advisory board made up of prominent representatives of the industry. This board has now been expanded by the addition of five leading industry representatives: bautec and the chairman of the advisory board Markus Becker (Vice President of the National Building Industry Association - Hauptverband der Deutschen Bauindustrie) welcome the new members, who are August Brötje GmbH, Peter Michael Miethner; Geberit Vertriebs GmbH, Uwe Pfeiffer; Opitz Holzbau GmbH & Co KG – part of the Knauf Group, Bodo Mierisch; PERI GmbH Schalung Gerüst Engineering, Andreas Buhmann and VELUX Deutschland GmbH; Matthias Mager. In December 2018 the advisory board will also be joined by Dieter Babiel, chief executive of the National Building Industry Association.

“We look at buildings in their entirety, from basement to roof, and including the infrastructure. This event incorporates in a compact form the products and services on offer as well as conferences and congresses, making the bautec concept truly unique”, explains Karel Heijs, divisional head for bautec. The bautec range is augmented by GRÜNBAU BERLIN, which takes as its slogan “Designing, building and maintaining outdoor spaces”, and brings together all those involved in sustainable urban development. “The new formats that were successfully introduced this year, such as the bautec.INNOVATION AWARD, the architects’ congress, the Practice Day for the sanitation, heating and air-conditioning sector, and the Real Estate and Housing Industry Day will again be included in the programme for 2020”, according to Heijs.