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Gunter Mann
Gunter Mann

Regrowth on roofs

Berlin, 11 April 2019

Each year some ten million square metres of rooftops in Germany are used for cultivation, according to Gunter Mann from the building greening association Bundesverband GebäudeGrün e.V., who was a speaker at the specialist forum Future City@Grünbau Berlin 2019 (Zukunft Stadt@Grünbau Berlin). However, there is still “more space up there”, because new construction is creating another 80 million square metres. Whereas private individuals with flat roofs are more open to roof landscaping, companies frequently grow vegetation on their buildings only in response to the relevant regulations imposed by the authorities. It is a fact that growing plants on roofs and facades can make a substantial contribution to improving the climate within a building, and in the city too. Mann explains that the costs range between 30 euros per square metre for extensive planting, and up to 90 euros for intensive greening. In the latter case roofs can be used as gardens or even to keep animals, from worms to sheep. Mann gave the example of a commercial building in Munich which not only supports bee colonies to provide honey, but is also used to graze sheep, which have recently produced their first offspring, on the roof.