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Christoph Rohling
Christoph Rohling

Lastrup encourages activities – for everyone

Keep off? The traditional caretaker mentality is a thing of the past at the Lastrup sports school in the Cloppenburg district. An abandoned public playground adjacent to the sports school has been turned into a public activities area for people of every generation. Christoph Rohling described the working hypothesis at the specialist forum Future City@Grünbau Berlin 2019 (Zukunft Stadt@Grünbau Berlin) with the invitation: “Come on in! If the facilities are not in use, you can play here.” Rohling is in charge of the sports school and is responsible for putting into effect this project which, after 18 months of planning and construction, now provides opportunities for sports club members and individuals of every age. The 1,000 square-metre site offers sports equipment and areas of all kinds and is known as the “Multi-generational fitness course”. Particular attention was paid to choosing sports equipment of a quality that would be resistant to vandalism, and to the application of the latest findings in sports science. Rohling estimated a cost of 125,000 euros, 25,000 of which would be contributed by the sports school from the proceeds of overnight accommodation and other services. The eventual cost was 127,000 euros, and the actual amount contributed rose to 40,000 euros.