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Timo Herrmann
Timo Herrmann

Bollards with added value

Berlin, 11 April 2019

Landscape architect Timo Herrmann is convinced that, despite security requirements, urban planning “must reflect the fact that we live in an open and liberal society.” The work that Herrmann has been commissioned with includes designing protective installations in front of the Humboldt-Forum in Berlin, an imposing museum building incorporating the facade of an historic palace. Following the attack on the Berlin Christmas market in 2016 a new safety concept was needed for this building. One of the main challenges was to protect underground structures such as the subway tunnel, stations and cables.

The protection provided by this new concept includes staggered bollards of differing heights. These are intended to prevent vehicles from penetrating the protected area, but they are also designed to provide seating for passers-by. “The sense of security only becomes tangible if the basic factors are kept out of sight”, Herrmann explained.