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Stefan Brückmann
Stefan Brückmann

Retention basin protects against the impact of climate change

Berlin, 11 April 2019

The effects of climate change are now being felt in the town of Wesseling near Cologne. During heavy rainfall combined water from the north of the Keldenich district flows into the lower-lying centre of the town in such quantities that streets, basements and underground car parks are flooded. Drains and run-offs can no longer cope with the volume of water. As the Bonn-based landscape architect Stefan Brückmann reported at the specialist forum Future City@Grünbau Berlin 2019 (Zukunft Stadt@Grünbau Berlin), this level of flooding has occurred on three occasions since 2008, causing severe damage to property. To protect the town centre from future flooding the local water companies decided to make use of a green space between the two parts of town as a retention basin. The water companies have invested over two million euros in the construction of five basins, each one running into the next, with a total capacity of 6,500 cubic metres. The rainwater captured in this way will subsequently be released into the sewers. During dry periods the basins will be used partly for sports and games, and partly for grazing horses.